20 Ways To End 2017 on a High Note

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One of the most beautiful things about life is that we all go through different stages at different times, though we are ultimately learning the same life lessons. This year I can gratefully say that my 2017 has been beautiful (my 2016 was the complete opposite). As we reach the end of the New Year it’s important that we make sure we are mentally prepared to jump forward with force and positive energy. Here are is a list of 20 Ways we can end 2017 on a high note:

  1. Give a shout out to the people who have made a positive impact/impression on your life this year. You can give them a quick call, send a text, or even tell them in person if you have the chance. Showing love to the people you care about always feels amazing from the giving and receiving end. Letting someone know that they’ve made an impact in your life will likely prompt them to continue supporting you because they see and feel that their support is appreciated. Who doesn’t like appreciation?
  2. What was your lesson of the year? Personally, my lesson of the year is: Always Obey God! ALWAYSSS! Or you will get burned!
  3. New Years Intentions. What is one thing that you intend to complete in 2018. Write your goals out on paper, and give yourself a deadline. Speaking about your intentions aloud will help you move towards attaining them.
  4. Self Talk. Start practicing to talk to yourself. Not that weird back and forth talk with yourself about what you want to eat for dinner, but speaking positivity into your life. You always need to remember that the person that hears you the most is yourself. Be mindful of the things you say to yourself, as your brain will absorb the information and manifest. Saying positive affirmations like, “I was created to win” on a daily basis boosts your confidence and manifests #winning into your existence.
  5. Pull a weed by its roots. Throughout the past year you may have realized that you’ve picked up a few bad habits. It’s vital remove these bad habits from your life from its source. Figure out what triggers your bad habits so that you can stop yourself before heading to the downwards spiral. Be aware that a bad habit is simply a routine. The best way to get rid of poor routines is to replace them with good/productive routines.
  6. Visualize. If you can’t imagine yourself physically living your dreams it is hard to get there.
  7. Refill your cup. As they say, you can’t pour from an empty. Be sure to provide yourself with the refill you need, whatever that looks like.
  8. As you begin to set up your 2018 schedule, don’t just think of tasks that need to be accomplished day by day. Take a broader look at how you can meet your monthly, and weekly goals. Your daily tasks will have a greater impact if you have a deadline for the bigger picture.
  9. What is your New Year Theme? Since I am working on the development of my life and business, my New Year theme is IGNITE. Everything that I spend time on must ignite new opportunities for growth. This will help me prioritize the important things and ensure that I’m spending time wisely.
  10. Create Space. This is a huge one for me, because my currently living conditions are feeling a bit crammed. However, I realized if I create space in my environment (getting rid of clutter), as well as negative energies, I will have more room to grow. Having a clean and organized working space is crucial for me to get anything done. When there are unnecessary things chilling on my desk, I get distracted easily, and even start feeling claustrophobic.
  11. Be clear on your direction. Please, please, please don’t go into 2018 not know what direction you’re going in. This will leave you in a trap of standing still, and stuck in space. If you want to move forward, figure out where you were going and create a map of how you’re going to get there.
  12. Prepare to Receive. I declare that 2018 will be a year of receiving opportunities, experiences, accolades, awards, achievements. In order to receive these things I am going to prepare myself by working towards these opportunities and speaking things into existence.
  13. Own it! I am owning everything that is uniquely me, regardless of what anything wants to thing our say. This is Jillisa, take it or leave it.
  14. Leave it behind! I’m sure there is one thing/person you’ve been holding onto over the past year. If this thing or person is not help you grow forwards and upwards, LET IT GO. You do not need anything holding you back from springing forth into 2018. This may feel difficult to do, but TRUST ME it is worth it!
  15. Meditate. The easiest way to connect to your inner being is to meditate. I generally do some yoga. This helps me breathe and listen to my body, as well as release any darkness or negativity that I may be feeling.
  16. Practice gratitude. I’ve heard many times, from many different people that you will never be blessed with more until you learn to be grateful with what you currently have.
  17. Take a hot bath. This is my favourite way to unwind.
  18. Write a letter to your future self. This is super cute to do. It’ll be nice to see what your past self thought, and what you manifested. Once you realize how much you’ve grown it will inspire you to keep growing.
  19. Survive the countdown with out your phone in your hand. Taking vides, and catching the moment for Snapchat is always fun. Living in the moment is even greater!
  20. Most importantly end the year with a prayer.

Comment below, letting me know the things you will be doing to end your year off on a high note.