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Born in Toronto to Jamaican parents, Jillisa Brown identifies as an Afro-Jamaican-Canadian leader who is passionate about empowering her community. Growing up, Jillisa struggled with social anxiety and was often seen as the “silent child”.

Though silent, her intelligence, and passion for learning pushed Jillisa to express herself through reading and writing. Jillisa always knew she had something special within her, but she never had the courage to be her authentic self.

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Through the early years of high school, Jillisa was subject to cyberbullying which led to depression, and suicidal thoughts that she hid from her family and friends. At the young age of 19, Jillisa made the decision to have a baby with the belief that this would make her “more loved” by her high school boyfriend at the time.

Once the baby was born, she quickly learned the truth about love, relationships, and the impacts parenthood has on a young adult’s life. Jillisa uses her own, personal life experience to shed light and knowledge to provide the necessary tools required to achieve excellence under all of life’s circumstances.


In 2015, Jillisa embarked on a journey to exuding self-confidence. Now that she is a Master of Confidence, she spends her time guiding and supporting women her community with building and maintaining their own confidence by providing group coaching sessions, and 1-on-1 services!