Preparing for 2018: Reflecting on the Past Year

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As we approach the New Year, a lot of us are beginning to think about all of the things that we need to change, improve on, and add to our lives in order to move to the next level. Year after year, we come up with a list of New Years Resolutions that we dedicate ourselves to up until about January 18th. After that we fall back into our same old habits, and ways. I don’t know about you, but I feel it is my time to take a stand and show up for myself!

This year, I’m taking a new approach to my New Year by preparing. They say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so let’s plan to succeed! Over the next 23 days, I will be sharing the different ways I am preparing my mind, body, soul and business for 2018.

Reflecting on 2017

Before you end your quest through 2017 it is important that you take the time to reflect on what this year has been for you. Really take some time to think about these questions, my answers are in pink below:

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from your experiences this year?

  • Just let him go. You’ll be MORE than fine!
  • It’s hard to be completely honest with anyone else if you’re not honest with yourself.
  • Your life stories can change people’s lives without you even realizing
  • You cannot force anyone to do anything that you think is right… who says what’s right for you is what’s right for them
  • Need ANYTHING? Call on God!

Which one of these lessons will you share with someone that will benefit from this lesson?

Need ANYTHING? Call on GOD! This has been my biggest lesson of 2017. I spent the last couple of years hearing God’s voice through experiences, and lessons, but I continued to be disobedient and pretend that I didn’t hear the message. Or , I’d think hmmm.. is this the sign I was asking for? Nahhh… it’s not a sign, it’s just a coincidence. As I continued to disobey God, I continued to be burned. My heart got broken, I was depressed, and lost. Once January 2017 came I made a conscious effort to create a real relationship with God, and let me tell you, my life has changed! Completely changed. I believe it’s just one of those things where you must experience it to understand that feeling, but I will continue to share my journey with you all, pray that you too will feel the love from this beautiful relationship.

Name one skill you learned that you would like to build on in the New Year.

This year I learned a little bit about how to Network. In high school, we learn the basics of networking: what it is and how it helps, but 2017 was the year of getting my feet wet. Ever since I turned 19 and I was officially legal to mix and mingle amongst my peers, I never really took the chance to. I found myself locked in my room simply because I couldn’t find anyone to go out with me, which I realized was not a good enough reason to stay home. I mean, why be miserable at home when nothing was physically stopping me. Also, beginning my new venture into the business world, I knew that I was not going to meet anyone within the 8 walls of my bedroom (yes, my bedroom has 8 walls.. it’s shaped funny). This pushed me to go to events, and parties alone. I started meeting new people and making friends that I would only end up seeing at other events and parties. What is missing from this whole networking experience for me is: creating a relationship outside of the events I was meeting these great people at. In 2018, I need to make more of an effort to call and make plans to meet with these like-minded people so that I can create friendships, collaborate with and support each other, as well as book more clients.

Recall one great experience that you would like to introduce to someone in the new year.

In 2018 I would love to introduce someone to an eat-in-the-dark experience. Here in Toronto, there is a restaurant called ONoire, where blind waiters guide us into to pitch black rooms where we get the chance to experience a full meal in the shoes of a blind person. Definitely an eye opening experience.

Reflect on the personal growth you have attained over the course of the year.

In the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself that I would be more conscious, and aware of myself, my needs, my feelings etc. I can honestly say I see a huge change in the way I view myself, my sense of being, and even how I speak.

What personal change did you not make, though you promised you would. What stopped you from making these changes?

This year one of my New Years Resolutions was to stop procrastinating. I’ve been The World’s Biggest Procrastinator for years. I admit that I have not made the greatest effort to change this. I believe this has a lot to do with laziness and other bad habits that I need to break. As I’ve become more aware of the fact that this is my flaw I will continue on the journey to reversing these habits, and I will definitely be sharing what works for me.

Name 5 things you need to leave in 2017.

  • MY EX!!!
  • Procrastination
  • Reckless spending
  • Toxic people that have been hanging on by a thread
  • …Did I say procrastination?

What is the one thing that you MUST complete before 2017 is over?

Before we jump into 2018, I need to finish setting my intentions for the New Year. This will help me figure out my yearly goals, some of the things I need to do in order to make my goals, realities.

Now it’s your turn. Take some time to answer the questions above in your journal, or even just sit and have this conversation with some close friends. Stay tuned, to follow my journey on Preparing for 2018.