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Jillisa Brown offers a wide selection of services for Millennial Women who desire to elevate their confidence, in order to offer their light out into the Universe. Professional confidence coaching may be the answer to helping you achieve the next level in your business or personal life. From One on One consultations to participating in special events & panels, Jillisa Brown has a service for you. 

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Be. Feel. Exude.

Raise your quality of life by releasing your inner confidence. Learn how to revive your self-love, be your true self in public, and boldly walk into any room like you own it!

Jillisa's Signature Topics


The main reason why so many people struggle with exuding confidence is that we often spend so much time getting to know other people and things, and such a little amount of time getting to know ourselves. This workshop provides, tools and exercises required to strengthen our self-awareness, which will then build our self-esteem.

Activate Vision

Everyone talks about how you need to have a vision and goals for your life. In this workshop,  we talk about the importance of establishing your vision and how we can take your dreams out of the clouds, and down on paper. To tie it all together, and put our manifestation to work, we physically turn our visions into vision boards.

Activate Discipline

A lot of us have many ideas that we never seem to get around to actually doing simply because we lack the discipline to get started and follow through with our day to day tasks. This workshop will help you turn your big ideas into smaller actionable chunks, and turn years of dreams into a daily goal action plan. To top it all off, we will discuss how to kill those bad habits that keep throwing you off track and learn how to remain consistent with your goals.

Pushing Through Obstacles

Life happens. In some situations, there is nothing we can do to avoid the obstacles that try to block us from our purpose and destiny. In this keynote, I share my own journey of how I pushed through bullying, mental illness, teen pregnancy, and more. And how my resilience helps me go from a silent little girl to a confident Queen.

Owning Your Space

We all know that society loves to try to keep us in boxes where there is no space for growth, expansion or light for us to thrive. It’s time we take a stand for ourselves and learn how to Own Your Space! This session will teach you about the many ways you can unapologetically break out of your shell and let the World know you have arrived to take your place!

Activate Networking

Approaching, and speaking to strangers isn’t always the most comfortable thing to do. I mean.. what should I even talk about? Will they think I’m weird? Rude? Awkward? This interactive workshop will teach you the fundamentals of breaking out of your comfort zone so that you can meet new people, comfortable introduce yourself and create a network that will promote your growth.

Exude Confidence

There are a number of components required in order to exude confidence in different areas of life. This retreat is a combination of workshops and keynotes that touch on areas like self-awareness/esteem, vision, owning space etc. that will provide all the tools needed to through the journey to confidence.

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In 2015, Jillisa embarked on a journey to exuding self-confidence. Now that she is a Master of Confidence, she spends her time guiding and supporting women her community with building and maintaining their own confidence by providing group coaching sessions, and 1-on-1 services!

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