We all come to a point in life where we feel we are holding ourselves back from being our true, unique selves. I know, because I’ve been stuck there too. It felt like I had so many ideas, and goals that I was always just talking about, and planning instead of putting plan to ACTION!

Turns out, I was really not alone. I figured: there is no way there can be so many women on this Earth, without one to relate.

The unrealistic norms of our time leave us feeling that we are “never enough”. But who exactly are we supposed to be enough for?

Forget of the list of people and stigmas that polluted your mind, the real answer is: YOU! When you elevate your confidence, you become in charge of your happiness, remove self-doubt, and increase self-love resulting in ACTION! When you exude confidence, nobody can stop you!


of women opt out of important life activites like: job interviews, and engaging with friends & loved ones due to lack of confidence


of women around the world consider themselves beautiful


of women have not been assertive or stuck to their decision due to low confidence

After a road of trials, I decided that I needed to dig myself out of the dark box that I ultimately placed myself in. I took a stand for myself, and set on a journey to success (what success is to me) through confidence. Which meant, I first had to work on building my own confidence. Although the journey has not been easy, I Thank God that I made it through. The many lessons I learned, were given to me so that I may share them with you!




My name is Jillisa Brown. I am a Confidence Coach for Young Women who desire to elevate their confidence, in order to offer their light out into the Universe. Allow me, to guide you through your journey, through the practices of self-love, self-awareness, goal setting & execution, and ultimately being BOLD & Exuding Confidence!