What Keeps Your Fire Burning?

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Art by Greg Ruth

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What is the point of it all? It seems like everything I want, comes at the cost of some sort of difficulty or suffering. They say, a smooth past does not always lead to there you NEED to be. Therefore, sometimes we have no choice but to jump a few hurdles, before we get to where we want  to be.

While running your race, what is your end goal?. What motivates you to continue to wake up early mornings to meet your daily goals? If you are not ready to wake up, what thoughts will force you in to this movement?

The best part about our goals, is that we create them! Which must mean that they are crafted to our personal dreams and aspirations. This means 2 things:

  • Never let anyone negatively influence your dreams. Sometimes people tend to downplay others’ ideas not knowing their true potential, or understanding their vision. Your idea is not “stupid” or “wild”, it is so genius that the small minded fail to understand. Your dreams are perfectly you!
  • Once you reach your Ultimate Goal, create a new one! The bar is only as high as you make it. You have no limits!

So, WHY do it every day? I know my answers… what are yours?

Comment below and let us know what keeps your fire burning!

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