Float Like a Butterfly

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Art by Alvin Epps

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Imagine being a worm, just trying to make its way through the world. Trying to dodge the feet of those that walk over it. As I grow into my skin and physically hold my head up, I notice that people can see me: Caterpillar under magnifying glass. My beauty is prominent, and quite different from the worm that I was judged to be. Up close and personal, you see every part of me working to get there.

Finally tacking onto the source of the Earth, and allowing my resources to grow me, I live incapsulated in a cocoon. My mind, soul, and body become one. Building, growing, becoming. Unless you look real close, you don’t even notice me, in my cocoon, latched up on that tree.

A small crack broken into the surface of my shield led to sunlight. Gentle as I reveal my wings, not to tear the essence of my glory, I reunite with a world that looked different from my new perspective. My inner eye exposing the beauty of my journey because now, at the peak of this cycle, I understand. Every second I spent crawling was so that I could fly way unto tomorrow.

So I spread my wings and fly. Effortlessly, floating like a beautiful butterfly.

Beautify My Soul xo

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