Looking Back to Look Forward

As I sit here and think about what I’m doing with my life, I realize that I question myself about this too often. I mean, I’m living my dream life… Working from home in my pyjamas, on things that really matter to me, under my own rules and standards. I have the luxury of picking my son up from school, and taking business trips around the world on someone else’s dollar, however, somehow something still feels “off”. Sometimes I still feel like I’m not doing enough in order to reach my highest potential, and that’s because I’m not. Although it appears that I’m a hard worker, living my best life there are still bad habits engrained in being that I’m working on reversing.

While spending all of this time alone with my thoughts I remember that laziness, and self-doubt were things that I was not born with. These negative notions were given to me by people that didn’t believe in me, who didn’t push me to be my greatness, and allowed me to be mediocre. Those people were teachers, family members, and ultimately my subconscious self. The part of me that took the harsh, condescending words, “you’re lazy”, and “that will never work”, or “you’re unqualified” and turn them into my daily living rituals. My mind was literally tricked into believing and operating from a place that was created based on the standards of others.

As I look back and see how far I’ve grown from those limitations, I remember that there I do know what I’m doing with my life. I remember that I do have a purpose and that even in times when I feel lost, everything is happening exactly how it’s supposed to.

Today, I encourage you to look back and observe how far you’ve grown so that your story can inspire you to continue to press forward. And as you grow, feed yourself and the people around you with positive words that will act as fertilizer to your growth.

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